Tips for A Turn Key Solution

Changes in the poultry industry over the last decade has meant that farmers are needing a full turnkey solution for their poultry infrastructure that meets the demands of modern day farming. Energy efficiency concerns, biohazard demands, and the safety and welfare of both people and animals has meant that standard poultry farming systems have become insufficient. We want to share our expertise on some areas to focus in on and implement if possible if you are looking for a turnkey solution whether you are new to the industry or looking for some areas to improve on.

Concrete Floors

Concrete floors have the dual benefit of being able to be cleaned easily and efficiently. They also ensure a flat, consistent surface level on the floor, which makes management of feeding and drinking systems easier for the farmer.

Internal Silicone Sealing

Ensuring your sheds are sealed with silicone from the inside will result in maximum efficiency of your ventilation and cool pad systems. There is no point having an advanced minimum ventilation system if your shed is leaking.

Bi-Fold Shed Doors

A simple, but helpful addition to any poultry shed is the inclusion or addition of a bi-fold shed door. In windy conditions, the door can be opened safely and easily, protecting both people and livestock.

External Vent Hoods

Vent hoods on the outside of the sheds mean that wind and light reflections in the shed are controlled, again increasing the efficiency of your minimum ventilation system.

Investing in improving your farm has many long-term benefits, particularly with the rate that the poultry industry is changing and adapting from many external factors both in Australia and globally. If you have questions about the poultry farm options we offer here at Ryan-Ryte, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly and experienced team.