Ryan-Ryte feeder pans are 100% Australian made and are available in 2” or 1”.

R300 Features include:
– 4 large feed windows for quick auto flooding of feeder pans for complete coverage of fresh feed
– Chickens can move easily in and out of the pan
– Windows close automatically when feed line is winched up after the flooding system is no longer required
– 14 large birds may eat from the pan at one time
– Feed pan has circular feed trough to stop feed wasting
– Easy to disassemble for thorough, hygienic cleaning

Roxell Feeders:

The first choice in feeder equipment, the range includes the Comeo, Haikoo, and MiniMax.

Comeo is the first open feeder by Roxell. By removing the grill the birds have an easier access to the feed from the first day till the end of the flock. Haikoo has a unique oval pan feeding system for broilers. MiniMax is the standard for feeders in the broiler market.

Cross Auger

Roxell Cross Auger:

Roxell’s Flex Auger is ideal for feed supply to livestock houses with a wide range of capacities and features. The Flex-Auger guarantees safe transport of different kinds of feed (pellets, mash, home-mixed rations, etc)

Winching Systems

Ryan-Ryte winches are Australian made and available in a range of sizes. They feature no chain drives that require maintenance, easy to clean design with powder coated and plated components, totally enclosed drive system, precision limit switching, grooved cable drum to prevent cable damage and are available in single & three phase.


Roxell Drinkers:

Swii’Flo™ provides always fresh clean water to all birds.
A reusable disc filter on the water panel guards the high water quality and prevents the formation of a biofilm.
Easy, thorough flushing and precise administration of vaccines or medications by means of the exclusive Roxell-flush controller.

Ziggity Drinkers:

Ziggity drinkers ensure the performance of your birds with an optimal poultry watering system.

Impex Drinkers:

Impex closed water drinking systems are suitable for various types of poultry: broilers, layers, pullets, parent stock and free-range birds. Closed water drinking systems are ideal because they ensure optimal hygiene, better water temperature, the optimal supply of any necessities and very little maintenance.

Nesting Systems

Vencomatic nesting systems and prizen elevators:

Vencomatic design nest systems that perfectly match the needs of hens. All systems are designed using smart Vencomatic innovations including the Vencomat, the tipping floor, and the egg belt.

Farm Controllers

SKOV Farm Controllers:

SKOV Cooling & Ventilation

SKOV cooling system and Tunnel ventilation with SKOV Energy efficient fans

The right equipment ensures that you are in control of your climate. Having the right climate in your poultry house is beneficial to the growth and health of your birds and saves you costs for feed, water, and energy.


Hired-Hand Heaters:

Available in both LPG and Natural Gas. Hired-Hand heaters have a range of benefits and features including diagnostic lights to ease troubleshooting, direct spark ignition, backup safety sail switch and is AGA standard.

Spare Parts